Thursday, January 10, 2008

Summer in Hell:Belle and Sebastian/Michael Dracula/Mother and the Addicts/Voxtrot Collabortion... AND Berlin Odyssey

I've just returned from Glasgow, where I've finished up a recording with members of Michael Dracula, Belle and Sebastian, Mother and the Addicts, and obviously, myself. I'm quite pleased with it. Not sure when it will be finished, if ever. The song was recorded at Green Door Studios.

In other news, I've relocated to Berlin, I'm not sure for what, some sort of inspiration no doubt, so if anybody is kicking about and wants to hang out or play music or whatever, please drop me a line. I'm ready to restart, rewrite, re-everything. No more fear, no more holding back, time for brilsolage. PLUS.... this pink chair in my sublet is BLOODY FANTASTIC.